Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Haul & Review: MAC Illustrated Face Kit by Rebecca Moses

Mac's Illustrated Face Kit ...I could not pass up! =D Come on...a kit with one blush, four eye shadows, two lipsticks, and a dual ended brush. And the fact that they are brown and neutral shades...what's not to love? I think that is a great price for the amount of items in a kit. This is also convenient for travel, it is about the same size as the palm of my hand. You have almost everything, which is what I love most about this kit. This is a special edition, Nordstrom's Beauty Exclusive, on sale for $49.50 ($101 value).

Kit includes:
Blush: Melba
I should have bought this blush a long time ago. Its so beautiful! Frosty blushes always catches my eye so I do not own any matte blushes. This will be my first. I think I will buy this separately.

Eye shadows: Orb, All That Glitters, Smoked Sepia, Showstopper
All of the eye shadows pair so well together, if you use all four or just two. My favorite is All That Glitters. I can't believe  I do not own this eye shadow. I will most definitely buy this color separately.

Lipsticks: Ravishing & Myth
Ravishing is one of my top favorite lipsticks. Its a perfect coral that is not too bright or too sheer. Myth does not look good on me so I won't be using this color too much.

Dual ended brush: 275 SE & 316 SE
Honestly, I could care less about this brush. I cannot achieve a well blended look with just a 275 angled brush. The 316 lip brush is appropriate. If you are going to include a brush for convenience, why not have one for blush?

I would say that is the only down size of this kit. Typically, I don't like using one brush because it mixes all of the colors. If I could choose just one brush to create a look, it would be a 217. But I would have preferred a travel size black or dark brown eyeliner. I think most people (whether they will use this for regular wear or for travel), they will be using/packing other brushes.

Overall, this is truly a great product. I hope Mac will come out with more face kits in the future!

Click below to see more photos and swatches!





  1. Great review and amazing palette! I have all that glitters as single e/s and I love it as well. <3

  2. Omg I want this palette so bad!

    Jodie x