Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smoked Out Red Brick Pictorial

Mac's "Red Brick" is one of my staple colors, instantly adding warmth to any look. I usually use it in my crease, but decided to do something different and apply it on the lid. Red Brick is a reddish-orange matte color, easy to work with, and highly pigmented. Best of all, I love that it is buildable, so you can make it as intense and bright as you want, or something light and neutral. Scroll down to see the products used and pictorial!

Products Used:
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Mac "Red Brick" e/s
Mac "Texture" e/s
Mac "Folie" e/s
Mac "Brun" e/s
Mac "Ricepaper" e/s
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk"
Urban Decay Super Curling Mascara
Select Lash S47

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Brow Wiz "Brunette"
ABH Brow Powder Duo "Dark Brown"
ABH Clear Brow Gel

Makeup Addiction "The Shader" 
Makeup Addiction "The Detailer" 
Mac 217
Mac 210
Sigma E40
Sigma E30
Sigma E15

Click below to read the detailed steps!

Step 1: Begin by applying eye primer all over the lid and brow bone. I use Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. Pack "Red Brick" generously on the eyelid, staying below the crease with Makeup Addiction's "The Shader brush."

Step 2: Using a clean Mac 217 brush, diffuse "Red Brick" by swiping the color back and forth. Since we are lightly going over a crease color, it will ensure all harsh lines are removed early on.

Step 3: With the Sigma  E40 brush, blend "Texture" on the crease. 

Step 4: Take the same Mac 217 brush and apply "Folie" on the outer corner.

Step 5: This is how the look will look like.

Step 6: I created more definition to my outer v with "Brun." I used Sigma's E30 brush to lightly apply the color on the outer v.

Step 7This is how the look will look like. Compared to Step 5, adding "Brun" made the look appear more dramatic.

Step 8: Take "Ricepaper" and a pencil brush and highlight the inner tear duct. I used Makeup Addiction's "The Detailer" brush to highlight.

Step 9: Highlight the arch of the brow bone with with "Ricepaper" once again.

Step 10: Take the same pencil brush and line the lower lash line with "Red Brick."

Step 11: Tight-line the the lower lash line with "Brun" with the Sigma E15 brush. Do not go pass where you've applied "Red Brick" because you want to create a nice gradient, blended effect on the lower lash line.

Step 12: Apply eyeliner. I use 
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner with a Mac 210 brush. I also lined the waterline with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk." Apply mascara and favorite lashes! I use Urban Decay Super Curling Mascara and Select Lash S47 (which I bought at the 99 cent Store) 

Hope you all enjoyed this look! Thank you for reading! 


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